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Aberdeen Harbour Board

Aberdeen Harbour Board
Since it’s inception in 2012, Camtech Engineering have carried out design services for the Aberdeen Harbour Board on various projects.  This has included the design of the floodlighting for Torry Quay which was reclaimed to provide additional laydown space.

Lighting Design

The lighting was designed to allow a lower “security” level of light to operate during the hours of darkness and a higher “operational” level to operate when required by quayside activities. The design utilised a series of strategically placed “BOOST” push buttons which, when operated, raised the artificial lighting from a security to an operational level. The lighting was automatically switched off with the arrival of daylight and at this stage resorted to automatic control switching on and off the security lighting.

Mains Distribution and Safety Systems design

Design services also included for the installation of power supplies for various operators who provide chemicals serving the offshore industry. Petrol inceptors were provided as part of the design, these were each fitted with automatic alarm systems to alert operatives if there was to be a failure or if the interceptor tanks required servicing.

Drench showers were also supplied with frost protection.

Gate Control

As part of the development of Torry Quay, a new personnel and vehicle management system was designed. This required the control of new entrance and exit gates. Camtech provided the design of the control cable routing and all power supplies required for the gate, gate house and both vehicular and personnel gate equipment.