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Camtech provided electrical design services to AMEC working for BP as part of the North Sea Region Projects Team (BPNSRP). The team was involved in the following projects:

– Laggan Tormore project in Sullom Voe, Shetland

– R410  Freon Replacement project in Grangemouth

As part of this team, Camtech produced deliverables including:

  • Cabling Calculations
  • Technical Specifications
  • Bill of Materials (BOMs)
  • Single Line Diagrams (SLDs)
  • Trace Heating Calculations and Isometric Drawings
  • Internal and External Lighting and Emergency Lighting Calculations
  • Schedules
  • Scope of Works (SOWs)
  • Data Sheets
  • Technical Notes
  • Technical Bid Clarification and Evaluations (TBCs & TBEs)
  • Details and Layouts


Laggan Tormore

The BPNSRP team carried out the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for the provision of a processing facility of the unstabilised condensate exported from the TOTAL Shetland Gas Plant to the BP Sullom Voe Terminal (SVT) site. The condensate is to be exported  via an 8” pipeline with a Pig Launcher located within the TOTAL Gas Plant and a Pig Receiver at SVT.

Electrical services included;

  • trace heating
  • trace heating distribution and cable routing
  • external lighting and emergency lighting design and cable routing
  • instrument mains and UPS power supplies
  • Interfacing with Cathodic Protection specialist and production of tender documentation
  • Cathodic Protection Transformer Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • Site surveys and reports


R22 Life Extension and Replacement  – Grangemouth

The RLPG plant at Grangemouth provides storage and import/export distribution facilities for refrigerated propane and butane streams produced by the FPS Kinneil Stabilisation Terminal. The Refrigerated Liquefied Petroleum Gases (RLPG) System at BP Grangemouth  uses R-22 (Freon 22, Chlorodifluoromethane) as its refrigerant. The R22 replacement project comprises of provision of a new cooling system utilising R410A.