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Montrose Harbour

Montrose Harbour
Camtech Engineering have designed various services for the Montrose Harbour Board since it’s inception in 2012. This has included the design of the floodlighting for the new deep water berths.

Lighting Design

The lighting was designed to allow a lower “security” level of light to operate during the hours of darkness but the control of a higher level of light was provided to the operatives. This was by an area by area series of switches which were provided in the Harbour Master’s office.

Lighting comprised of a series of 18m high masts with hinged bases to keep down the cost of lamp changing and other maintenance. Existing climbable masts were reused with new light fitting heads.

Works also included a running costs exercise on a mast by mast basis on both “Security” and “Boost” levels to allow the client to estimate chargeable costs.