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Peterhead Port Authority

Peterhead Harbour

Princess Royal Jetty – Storm Damage Redesign of Electrical Services

On the 15th of December 2012 gale-force winds and unusually high tides caused extensive storm damage across areas of eastern and northern Scotland.

In Peterhead, amongst the damage was the fixed electrical services installed below the deck of the Princess Royal Jetty. Cable trays and the steel wire armored cabled fixed to them were torn from their fixings. Lighting columns protection steelwork was also damaged as moving cargo containers slid into them.

It was acknowledged that the existing system of installing tray and cables below the deck were susceptible to damage from storms and the battering from high tides. As part of the remedial works, Camtech Engineering designed an alternative cable containment method which allowed the cables to be fixed to the top surface of the deck but with sufficient strength to provide protection and avoid damage which could have been caused by vessel anchor ropes to mooring points.

The complete electrical system was redesigned to allow 24 hour power supplies to be installed at the base of each mast while keeping with the remainder of the existing control system.

In addition, Camtech produced full design drawings and a tender package which was then issued to Electrical Contractors. The returns were examined and a tender report produced. On appointment of the successful contractor, Camtech provided site support during the construction phase and full cost control.

Smith Embankment

Camtech carried out a site survey to assess the condition of the electrical services installed at the Smith Embankment. The survey was followed up by a report which formed the Dilapidations Report required for a new tenancy. The report listed all the services installed on site, together with condition on a service by service basis and, where required, listed recommended remedial work.