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TAQA Maintenance


Responsible for running the HVAC Maintenance contract, Bruce Campbell was responsible for managing a team of onshore and offshore engineers and technicians.

A core team of 16 offshore technicians working in pairs, back to back with 2 and 2s worked on the Cormorant Alpha, the North Cormorant, the Tern and Eider platforms. Following offshore surveys, a number of safety critical remedial works were identified. These were mainly associated with the operation of temporary refuge (TR) boundary fire dampers which were found not to be operating within design limits. Following a receipt of client supplied information extracted from their Maximo database, Bruce Campbell managed maintenance activities to address the repairs and to close out the highlighted defects. This resulted in works varying from replacement of, hard to come by, azeotropic tubes, to air operated damper actuators and in extreme cases, the replacement of complete fire damper assemblies.

Monthly reports were issued to the client to outline the works carried out in that period and to discuss and agree the planned activities for the next phase. These were largely driven by the availability of spare parts or by the due process to design drawing and document approvals required before the manufacturing process could commence. Individual asset reports were issued to the client on a monthly basis and prior to the monthly meetings.

Bruce was also responsible for monitoring all the costs associated for each of the 4 assets and for passing information for monthly client invoicing.