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University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen

Over the years Bruce Campbell has carried out the electrical services design and management of electrical and mechanical devices for a number of buildings owned by the University of Aberdeen. Bruce was instrumental in the design and agreement of the arrangement for passenger lifts that the University of Aberdeen wanted to also use for the evacuation of disabled persons. The arrangement was used in a number of buildings and was adopted by other consultants asked to comply with the same set of standard requirements.

Due to the vast range of topics taught by the University of Aberdeen, their buildings are very diverse. Close controlled insect rooms were designed with a complex artificial lighting system which had to mimic daylight over an annual cycle. This required complex lighting controllers which allowed for different sunrise and sunset times in various parts of the world.

The design in the Fraser Nobel building which was largely an engineering teaching facility was completely different and included large power distribution to run motor equipment.

Where possible the University’s standard specification of wiring systems, control and equipment selection was used.

The buildings that Bruce carried out electrical designs and the management of mechanical services in were as follows;

  • Polwarth Building
  • New Kings
  • Zoology Building
  • Fraser Noble Building
  • Meston Building
  • William Guild Building
  • Edward Wright Building
  • Cruickshank Building
  • Powis Gate